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How does bulk vs non bulk apply to DOT regs?

Understanding how DOT defines bulk vs non bulk is key to understanding how regulations may apply to you. The quantity of hazardous material you have on board will determine the amount of regulations that will be applied. For example, if your hauling something that is...

Are you ready? A truck inspection checklist

Whether or not your hauling hazardous material, passing through a check/weighstation is only a matter of time. If anything, hauling hazmat will increase your chances of getting selected for a truck inspection. No worries! We’re going to help you out with a...

Getting to know hazmat table 1 placards

Time to get down to business with hazmat placards! As we discussed in our placarding overview¬† dot hazmat placards are broken into two groups or “tables”. Hazmat table 1 placards represent the major bad boys of hazardous materials world and are generally...

hazmat shipping paper basics a driver should know

A hazardous material can not be transported by highway unless a shipping paper has been properly prepared in accordance with DOT rules. Not only can they not be transported, a person can’t accept hazmat without properly prepared shipping papers. Although drivers...

Protected: An Overview of DOT placard requirements

How much hazmat do I have to have on board before I placard? What the heck is a table 1 and table 2 and how do those tables affect hazmat placarding? These are just a couple of basic questions supervisors, drivers and even enforcement people ask everyday. Making sure...

What is the definition of hazmat according to USDOT?

It seems that every alphabet soup government regulatory agency has their own definition for hazmat. For example, OSHA says “Hazardous and toxic substances are defined as those chemicals present in the workplace which are capable of causing harm” (short...

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