Dealing hazardous materials regulations is a pain in the backside. Drivers that have an endorsement
already, don’t like the hassle (unless the money’s good or they have to) and most drivers who don’t
have their endorsement don’t want the hassle.

Carriers will do it for the load but often get the rules wrong costing them money and time as well
as putting drivers/employees into situations where they run afoul of the regs. So why is
it that drivers, carriers don’t want to deal with it?


The hazmat regs are complicated, convoluted and confusing (thanks lawyers). This in turn creates
fear in dealing with hazmat, because humans generally fear the unknown.

This site is designed to help regular people understand the basics of hazmat compliance. Roadside Hazmat isn’t here make people lawyers, chemists and emergency response experts but to provide good news and info to help you cut through the fog and hopefully take some of the fear away from dealing with hazardous materials.

Who am I? I’m that guy. The guy you don’t want to see, the guy who checks compliance, the guy
who pulls you over or greets you at the “coop”, has issued the tickets and put you out of service. I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years, much of it spent in DOT enforcement.

My entire pedigree is not that important (nobody cares anyway) but one of the things
that I’ve had the pleasure of doing over the years is to teach hazmat to other police officers
nationwide as well as speak to drivers and companies about hazardous materials and
other DOT subjects.

I’ve taken my years of experience and knowledge of enforcement and put them into this
website in an effort to help you, the hazmat transporter, driver, company, janitor or
whoever to understand the regulations better. I want to provide you with news and information
so that you don’t have to drive in fear and you can concentrate on your job.

Now that you know a little about me, please remember the following:
1. I’m not here to give or give you legal advice!, I’m a cop not a lawyer!
(I sound like Bones from Star Trek!) I’m providing you news and information based off of my
experiences to help you comply with federal regulations. Unless I quote something directly
from the regs, everything else is my opinion based off of (you guessed it) my experience.

2. I am not a chemist! Being a chef and creating great food by using spices here and there
to create awesome food is very similar to chemistry when you think about it. I can’t cook,
and I don’t know chemistry!

3. Don’t be afraid of USDOT, FMCSA, PHMSA (and other appropriate federal alphabet soup agencies).
They’re in charge of this madness and therefore like it or not, have the ultimate answers. If you or your
company are really having some issues, get in touch with them. I get it that we’re in an age of
over regulation, but transportation has been regulated for many many moons, and these folks have
the answers, or at least forward your call until they find someone who has answer. You may not
like the answer, but they have answers!

That’s it! I hope the website is of help to you. Feel free to drop me a note at

Let’s keep in touch!

February 2018
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