DOT regulations for truck drivers and carriers

DOT hazmat is confusing. Roadside Hazmat is here to help you cut through the fog and drive in confidence

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dot regulations for truck driversStruggling with DOT regulations? Spending too much time on confusing government websites?

Roadside Hazmat is ‘geared’ towards helping truck drivers understand the hazardous materials regulations and other safety rules so that they can stay in compliance. I do my best here to make the complex understandable, keep you up to date on what’s going on in the hazmat and DOT safety world.

Roadside Hazmat has lots of great stuff to help you get ready for your CDL hazmat endorsement exam. You can check out the about page read about the site. Questions or comments? Drop us a line on our Contact page.

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Whether your a driver or carrier, Roadside Hazmat has the DOT hazmat and safety news that can help you stay in touch and help you stay in compliance.

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DOT Hazmat and trucking safety regulations are difficult to understand. Roadside Hazmat takes the complex and makes it easier to understand.

Roadside hazmat contains the best information for drivers who have their endorsement, and drivers who want to get ready to test for their endorsement.

Mark M, trainer CR England